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JUST HYDRONIC HEATING : Service Repairs Replacement Installation, Melbourne
Just Hydronic Heating - Hydronic Heating Service Repairs Replacement Installation  
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Just Hydronic Heating - Hydronic Heating Service Repairs Replacement Installation, Melbourne


Quality, Affordability & Reliability

Hydronic Heating is the most pleasant form of central heating, which works on re-circulating water heated by a natural gas or LPG boiler. The water is circulated from the boiler into panel radiators, skirting board convectors or fan convestors located conveniently around the house. The size and type of radiators and convectors determine the amount of the heating provided. Hydronic heating has the following benefits:

  • Modular System which allows you to add convectors or radiators as required
  • Safe, efficient and reliable
  • No noise or draughts
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • High efficient natural convection

Hydronic heating systems are one of the most cost effective types of heating systems to run as water is such an efficient carrier of heat. The heat radiates out into the room, and because it is coming from the bottom of the room, it rises up. This means that you stay more comfortable as the heat is more evenly distributed throughout the room, allowing you to set the heating at a lower temperature than you would be able to with other types of heating. The actual cost of running hydronic heating depends on how you are actually heating the water. If you are using solar power, this is the cheapest method of all and the running costs can actually be free, if you don’t have to use a booster at all. If you are using electricity to operate the boiler generally speaking, the cost is about thirty percent cheaper than other types of underfloor heating. Gas powered hydronic heating is even cheaper again as gas boilers are up to 95 percent efficient in converting power to heat, and the cost of gas is cheaper than electricity.

Hydronic Heating Boilers, MelbourneHot Water Boilers

High efficient Hot Water Boilers work to pump water to every corner of your home utilizing either panel radiators, natural convectores or fan conection quietly and with high energy efficiency.


  • High Efficiency - Up to 82% thermal efficiency
  • Accurate Water Temperature Control - Achieved by electronic temperature control energy management system and digital display.
  • Electronic Ignition - You never need to worry about relighting a pilot on a cold, wet and windy night
  • Designed for years of trouble free service
  • Enhanced Safety Features - Flow switch, automatic high temperature cut-out and pressure relief valve, expansion tank, pump run-on timer
  • Compact Size, Various Installation Options - Install inside the home, outside, floor or wall mounted and available in natural gas or LPG gas

Hydronic Heating Natural Convectors, MelbourneNatural Convector

Natural Convectors combine the advantages of central heating with the compactness and silence of panel radiators. The casing never gets hotter than body temperature which is why natural convectors are the natutral choice when the safety of young children and the eldery is taken into consideration. Natural Convectors are ideal for the home, kindergarten, child minding centres, schools, and aged care hostels.

Hot Water from a central boiler is pumped through copper pipes in the natural convector and nature does the rest. Cooler air enters through the bottom of the natural convector. As the air flows past the finned copper tubes it is heated and escapes through the top. Warm air is gently circulated throughout the room without draughts or noise. And it is maintenance free as there are no moving parts and the waterways are all copper.

Hydronic Heating Panel Radiators, MelbournePanel Radiators

Panel Radiators provide the most pleasant and natural form of heating, without noise or draughts, by natural convection and radiating heat. Hot water from a central boiler is circulated through the panels which provide warmth by radiation.

They also distribute warmth by natural convection, with cooler air entering at the bottom of the panel being heated as it passes through the warms fins behind the front panel and rising out the top, gently circulating warm air to provide an even temperature throughout the room.

Hydronic Heating Skirting Board Convectors, MelbourneSkirting Board Convector

Skirting Board Convectors take the place of a traditional skirting board and deliver an even distribution of warmth throughout the entire room. Hot water from a central boiler is pumped through copper tubes in the convectors and nature does the rest. The slim line casing never gets hotter than body temperature which is why these convectors are a great choice when the safety of young children and the eldery is taken into consideration. Natural Convectors are ideal for the home, kindergarten, child minding centres, schools, and aged care hostels.

Hydronic Heating Space Savers, MelbourneSpace Savers

Hydronic Space Saver Fan Convectors offer a range of economical, attractive, space saving hydronic fan convectores which provide warmth for all areas of your home. Space Saver fan convectors can be happily combined with panel radiators or skirting convectors for that "ideal heating system". Comes in two styles; Kickboard which will fit in small spaces such as under stair wells, kitchen and bathroom cupboards, wall cavities, etc or Wall Mount where wall space is at a premium and quick heating is often required.


  • Individual control - 2 speed fan control, temperature control thermostat
  • Economical - automatically switches off fan when heating is not required
  • Quiet - state of the art, super smooth fan

Hydronic Heating Towel Rails, MelbourneTowel Rails

Hydronic Towel Rails are ideal radiators for bathroom, kitchen or utility rooms as it heats up the room and dries your towels at the same time.


  • Heats the room and dries your towels at the same time
  • Slim design maximizes room area
  • Several sizes to choose from
  • Easy to clean


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